Our Team

We strive to provide the most user- and privacy-friendly solution to keep your pictures organized and accessible. Feel free to contact us at hello@photoprism.app if you have general questions, want to support our work, or just want to say hello.

Michael Mayer

Founder, Core Developer

Michael learned programming on an Atari 1040 ST and started his first Open Source projects in the 90s. He has more than 25 years of experience in building Web applications.

His motivation is to explore the latest technologies and develop an amazing product outside the constraints of a traditional corporate environment.

You can find him on GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Theresa Gresch

Founder, Product Development, and Community Management

Theresa has a background in Neurobiology and started working as a Software Product Manager for startups after graduating from Free University of Berlin in 2016.

Her personal goals are to dive deeper into machine learning and to explore new directions in product development.

You can find her on GitHub and LinkedIn


Andrea Ceroni

Scientific Advisor

Andrea is a data scientist specialized in temporal information retrieval and machine learning. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Leibniz University of Hannover (L3S Research Center) and wrote numerous papers on topics such as Personal Photo Management and Preservation and Photo Selection Models for Personal Photo Collections.

You can find him on Google Scholar and LinkedIn

Guy Sheffer

Raspberry Pi Specialist

Known as GuySoft on the web. Active developer in the Free Software and Maker community. Creator of OctoPi and FullPageOS, which have hundreds of thousands of downloads. Raspberry Pi distro expert. Currently, VP R&D and Co-Founder at ShapeDo.

...and many more

Thanks to all who contributed to PhotoPrism!