Feature Overview

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Runs Everywhere

Our clearly structured user interface makes organizing and sharing your personal photo collection as easy as it should be — whether it’s on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. PhotoPrism feels like a native app and, of course, you can also add it to your home screen.

Smart Labels

PhotoPrism automatically classifies your pictures using a pre-trained Google TensorFlow model. In addition, our indexer detects colors, chroma, luminance, projection, location type, quality, and many other properties.

Maps & Places

We've recently launched PhotoPrism Places, a geo-information service based on OpenStreetMap. It features enhanced privacy, outstanding performance, and high availability. A future release will additionally provide public events data, so that albums of popular music festivals, or sports gatherings, can be created automatically. PhotoPrism includes four high-resolution world maps to see where you've been, and for rediscovering long-forgotten shots.

WebDAV File Sync

WebDAV clients, like Microsoft’s Windows Explorer or Apple's Finder, can connect directly to PhotoPrism. This mounts the originals folder as a network drive and enables you to open, edit, and delete files from your computer or phone as if they were local. You may easily sync your pictures with Nextcloud as well.

Search Filters

Browse and filter your library by Date, Location, Camera, Lens, Folder, Label, Color, Quality, Keywords, and many more criteria. Pictures marked as private, archived, or under review won't show up in search results to reduce the noise.

Link Sharing

Share albums with your friends and family. You may create multiple links for each album, and optionally set an expiry date.

Metadata Compatibility

Our indexer intelligently merges Exif and XMP metadata found in photo, video, and sidecar files. Supported fields include Title, Description, Date, Location, Camera, Lens, ISO, F Number, Exposure, Focal Length, Subject, Artist, Keywords, and Copyright.

RAW Image Support

PhotoPrism may automatically convert RAW image files to JPEG so that they can be displayed in a Web browser. We aim at providing excellent support for all RAW formats, independent of camera brand and model. In addition, PhotoPrism supports TIFF, PNG, BMP, and GIF files. Please let us know when there is an issue with a specific device or file format.

Duplicate Detection

PhotoPrism automatically detects and skips duplicates while indexing. Related files that belong to the same picture can be stacked automatically, either based on their file names, time and location, or unique image id.

Feature Requests

Our roadmap shows what tasks are in progress, what needs testing, and which feature requests are going to be implemented next. Please give ideas you like a thumbs-up, so that we know what is most popular. Ideas backed by one or more sponsors will be prioritized as well.