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  • Your continued support helps us provide regular updates and remain independent, so we can fulfill our mission and protect your privacy
  • Sustained funding is key to quickly releasing new features requested by you and other community members
  • Being 100% self-funded and independent, we can personally promise you that we will never sell your data and that we will always be transparent about our software and services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shouldn't free software be free of costs?

Think of “free software” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer.” The Free Software Foundation sometimes calls it “libre software,” borrowing the French or Spanish word for “free” as in freedom, to show they do not mean the software is gratis.

Why are some features only available to sponsors?

PhotoPrism is 100% self-funded. Voluntary donations do not cover the cost of a team working full time to provide you with updates and documentation. It is your decision whether you want to sign up to enjoy additional benefits.

What functionality is generally available?

Our team evaluates this on an ongoing basis, depending on the support effort features and config options cause or have caused in the past, and whether they are generally needed by everyone or mainly requested by organizations and advanced users. As this allows us to make more features available to the public, we encourage all users to sign up as a sponsor.

Which benefits do sponsors receive?

Members additionally enjoy all features with a sponsor-feature label attached or marked as sponsors only in the docs, including Interactive World Maps.

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Are there alternatives to a recurring subscription?

For those who don't like recurring subscriptions, there will be discounted multi-year / lifetime payment options. To account for income differences, pricing may also vary by region. As soon as we have details, we will announce them publicly. Meanwhile, GitHub Sponsors has one-time donation options if you don't need ongoing support after installation and don't expect updates with additional features for more than 12 months.

Why can't I buy and download a single version?

Unlike traditional offline apps such as Microsoft Office or single-player games, software exposed to the Internet must be updated regularly to stay secure and compatible with the latest standards. Keep in mind that providing this software also involves answering questions and reviewing bug reports, which is ongoing work.

When will new features be released?

Our Project Roadmap shows what tasks are in progress and which features are likely to be implemented next. You are invited to give ideas you like a thumbs-up, so we know what's most popular.

Be aware that we have a zero-bug policy and do our best to help users when they need support or have other questions. This comes at a price, as we can't give exact release dates for new features. Our team receives many more requests than can be implemented, so we want to emphasize that we are in no way obligated to implement the features, enhancements, or other changes you request. We do, however, appreciate your feedback and carefully consider all requests.

Since sustained funding is key to quickly releasing new features, we encourage all users to support our mission by signing up as a sponsor or purchasing a commercial license. Ultimately, that's what's best for the product and the community.